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iOS 14.5: Face ID now unlocks your iPhone with a mask. But there’s a catch

Unlocking your iPhone with Face ID while wearing a face mask or other face covering is an exercise in frustration. Instead of your iPhone unlocking as soon as the screen lights up, you’re instantly asked to enter your PIN code. It’s incredibly annoying. Apple has a workaround for its facial recognition quandary, and it’s included […]

Google Home: 7 commands you need to use every day

“Hey, Google” might be an integral part of your day, but you might not know everything you can do with Google Home Assistant. Spoiler alert: The possibilities are almost endless. We’re talking about recipe help in the kitchen to waking up on time in the morning, keeping party guests entertained and catching up on your […]

Your iPhone has a completely hidden app. Here’s how to find and use it

Apple’s iPhone is full of hidden features and tricks we’re constantly discovering. For instance, did you know the Notes app has a hidden document scanner? Yeah, pretty cool. The latest hidden feature that’s been popping up on Twitter and blogs is another type of scanner, dedicated to QR codes, and it’s better than the one […]

NASA picks SpaceX and Starship to send Artemis astronauts to the moon

The next humans to visit the surface of the moon will catch a ride courtesy of not only NASA, but Elon Musk and SpaceX. The space agency announced Friday that it’s selected the high-profile rocket and satellite builder to provide the human landing system for its Artemis program, which aims to send the first astronauts to […]